Cyclone Cup Shaker


Through liquid simulation, the Cyclone Cup has proven to mix better than today’s leading shaker bottle!

The Cyclone Cup introduces Patented Cyclone technology crafted from the finest materials available. Today’s leading shakers utilize a free floating mixing element, such as a wire whisk ball, and these flow WITH the fluid inside. As a result, mixing is not as efficient.

The Cyclone, however, is stationary and moves AGAINST the flow of your ingredients. This maximizes the stream of kinetic energy for superior mixing – every time!

Protein shakes, supplements, and meal replacements… bring it on!


When you’re on the go, simply add your favorite protein, supplement or meal replacement into the removable 6 oz storage capsule below, and you’re set!

It is capable of holding a full 6 oz serving. Then, when you need it the most, simply unscrew and add the contents to your Cyclone Cup®. Rather than turning to fast food, now you can refuel your body and mind with a healthy and smart source of energy anytime, anywhere.


Concerned about harmful chemicals? No need worry. The Cyclone Cup is 100% BPA/DEHP-FREE, and crafted from environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable materials. Safe for you. Safe for your family.

Watching your calories? Great! The easy to read ounce and millimeter markings will help make calorie counting a breeze. Plus, they’ll eliminate the need to dirty up mixing cups and spoons. The Cyclone Cup’s Patented design makes it ultra easy to clean, as well is dishwasher safe.


Finally, a lid that won’t accidentally burst open when you’re shaking!

The Secure-Lock Cap snaps firmly into place, preventing unwanted protein shake explosions all over your shirt, kitchen, office, or car’s interior. In addition, the Cyclone Cup’s Screw-Tight Lid ensures that even the messiest of ingredients will never leak on you.

Cyclone engineers have perfected every last detail to ensure your Cyclone Cup remains leak-free, use after use.

Cyclone Cup¨ Feature List Breakdown:

– Efficient Cyclone mixing technology to shake up the toughest ingredients.
– Removable 6 oz dry storage capsule for easy store-and-go.
– Holds up to 20 oz of liquid in a leak-proof compartment with easy to read
ounce and millimeter markings.
– 100% BPA/DEHP-FREE, made from non-toxic materials.
– Cyclone Cup is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.
– Secure-Lock Cap & Screw-Tight Lid ensures no leaking or drips.
– Top-shelf dishwasher safe.
– Fits in most cup holders – from in the car, to at the gym.
– Easy clean design that won’t stink-up from protein supplement use.
– Comes in 6 colorful variations (Red, White, Black, Blue, Green, and Pink).

Cyclone Cup Shaker


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